Car Play Mat T-Shirt: Your Back Is Now A Play Table

You like playing with your kid and all, but you’re really, really sleepy.  Well, turns out you can play with your kid while dozing off at the same time when you wear the Car Play Mat T-Shirt.

Made by Etsy seller Bky Kid, the shirt features a graphic print of winding city roads in the back that the little guy can use to drive his toy cars, trains and tanks around.  He can set up his little toy soldiers there to battle with zombie army men and whatever other toys he got from your mom’s last visit.  Basically, he can play with your back as if you were a play table surface of sorts, all while you catch a little nap while lying flat on your belly.  Awesome.

The Car Play Mat T-Shirt is made from standard white pre-shunk cotton tees, with the back print measuring 12 x 15 inches.  Since it’s a pretty neutral design, you should be able to wear the shirt anywhere, so you can sleep in the bedroom while your kid plays in the bed and you can catch a brief rest in the park while your boy plops down on a picnic blanket.  And if daddy’s busy, you can just lay the shirt on the floor if your kids wants to play on the tracks.  Oh yeah, you’re supposed to get a “relaxing mini-back massage” out of this thing (via the wheels of those toy cars rolling on your back), although we’d recommend not getting your hopes up.

You can get the Car Play Mat T-Shirt in two designs (one with street tracks and one with a railroad) and a variety of sizes, priced between $22 and $24.

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