Carbon Fibre Gorilla Tube iPhone 3G Case


I am beginning to wonder if there is any limit whatsoever to the number of gadgets, memorabilia and accessories that will be released for the iPhone. If it isn’t flashing lights and hi tech hands free kits, it’s games or all sorts of applications from translators to driving and walking mapping and directions and pretty much anything else you can think of. Yes, it seems there’s a whole lot of love for the Apple iPhone and whole lot of money being spent on it… and on kitting it out with the latest and greatest of everything.


Oh and look. Surprise, surprise, another iPhone accessory. I bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, this is called the Gorilla Tube and is, on first glance, essentially just an iPhone case… with rather a high end price tag.

The price tag, however, warrants further investigation and it seems that on closer inspection you can see this is a little bit different of the array of tacky multicoloured plastic cases you might find in the bargain stores. In fact, this is a hard case made from 1.5mm thick carbon fibre, making it pretty much one of its kind. It has a flip top for ease of access to your phone and, despite its hard and durable exterior, has a soft lined interior. The flip top also allows for super quick and convenient phone release to ensure you don’t miss a call!

It comes with belt straps too and, according to reviews, certainly stows away your phone safely. I’m not sure what I’d pay for a phone case and personally, had I paid all that for the handset alone, I’m not entirely sure I would want to hide it away. I might be more tempted to strap it to my forehead with a sign that says, ‘I have an iPhone’.

But for those of you a little less odd who do want to know the specifics, find out more at Gorilla Cases

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