This Cardboard Rocking Couch Can Support 330 Pounds Of Weight


Can cardboard furniture replace traditional flat-packed furniture? We don’t know. Do I want to add this Rocking Never Stopping Couch to my living room ensemble? I definitely do.

A sleek-looking cardboard sofa, it doesn’t just offer extra seating in the living room for two, it will gently rock that couple back and forth in relaxing motion, too. The looks aren’t show-stopping, but it is very presentable. Plus, you can always wrap it up with a sofa cover to fit in better with the rest of the space.


Made by Lithuania-based Life is Short, the Rocking Never Stopping Couch can support weights of up to 330 pounds, which should translate to two average people, three petite individuals, or one super-heavyweight. And, yes, it does that while barely weighing under 20 pounds, ensuring you can carry it with one hand, whether you want to move it around the room, bring it up the stairs, or carry it to the neighbors for extra seating during a viewing party. Like other cardboard furniture, it ships flat-packed and requires some assembly before use. Fortunately, assembly takes just two minutes, making it easy to put together and break apart when moving into a different living space.


Do note, the rocking motion does put extra strain on the corrugated cardboard material, so furniture like this has a definite lifespan. According to the creators, they estimate around two years of good use before things start showing wear, although you might able to extend that if you use the piece with a little more care.

Available now, the Rocking Never Stopping Couch is priced at $135.

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