Cardok Doubles Your Parking Space

Got more cars than parking spaces?  Double your slots with the Cardok Underground Parking System, which adds a second underground level to your regular strip of space.

Yes, they literally carve a hole right under your current parking area.  Then, they install a two-level platform on the space.  An electro-hydraulic system provides the lift necessary to either raise the platform to expose the two floor areas or send it back down, allowing you to double your parking capacity right on the same garage.

The Cardok Underground Parking System can be customized to fit any size of parking space and vehicle, provided each vehicle weighs a maximum of three tonnes (they recommend it as the safe limit).  Obviously, this rules out parking for your battle tank, but such is the fate of supervillains with dreams of world domination. Users control the lift via a “hold-to-run” remote.  A simple press of a button raises the whole thing, giving you access to the lower platform, while another press sinks it back underground.

According to its creators, the installation is largely maintenance-free, as the gutter and tank sides are all treated against corrosion.  The lower platform floor uses galvanized steel slats, with aluminum checker plate details.  Top platform, on the other hand, uses a tray (anywhere from 40 to 50mm deep), with custom surface treatments to match the original parking space.  Electricity is necessary for operation, so it comes with a backup generator, in case you encounter power outages.

Obviously, this isn’t the kind of thing you can pick up at Ace Hardware and install on your own.  You’ll need to call up the company to have a custom Cardok Underground Parking System built and installed according to your specifications.