Caroma Profile Smart Puts A Sink On A Toilet To Save Water… Really


There are many ways you can save water. You can use a more efficient showerhead, make a habit of turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, or use a can instead of a hose when watering your plants. The Caroma Profile Smart wants to add to those options by recycling water that washes off the sink drain into the water tank of your toilet for flushing down later.

Yes, it’s a viable idea. Save for the fact, perhaps, that they decided to put the sink right above the toilet, so you’ll have to stand right over the bowl (possibly with legs spread wide) to wash your hands or do anything on the sink. On second thought, that sounds hilarious, so if I ever become president, my first mandate will be to replace all bathroom sinks with one of these things just for the heck of it. And, yes, non-compliance is punishable by equally ridiculous jail time and fines.

The Caroma Profile Smart is actually a toilet bowl with a sink built right on top of the water tank. The idea is to encourage water conservation by flushing with dirty water instead, which actually makes perfect sense, although the sink placement right behind the toilet does make it a whole lot less convenient. Maybe you can stand by the side whenever you use the sink or something.

As for the toilet itself, it comes with a dual-flush tank, so you can flush with the entire contents of the tank or just half of it. Features include chrome buttons, a 12-inch rough-in, a large trapway for eliminating blockage, and a bowl height of 15 inches.

Available now, the Caroma Profile Smart is priced at $300.

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