Wooden Cases And Straps Make This Stylish Carpenter Watch Utterly Special


Your wooden G-Shock has served you well, letting you complement your daily street garb with a unique accessory. Now, you can bring that same unique quality to your slightly less-casual attires with these classy Carpenter Watches.

Made by Analog Watch Co., it’s a line of analog timepieces with their cases and straps made entirely using wooden materials. While that’s not exactly new, the style is definitely striking, making for a good-looking piece that you can add to your outfit, whether you’re dressing up for work, a stroll, or a night out with the boys.


The Carpenter Watch comes in four styles: a red sanders case with makore strap; a bamboo case with teak strap; a maple case with silverheart strap; and a blackwood case with leather strap. Dial is available either marked or unmarked (the latter looks better), with branding kept to an indiscernible minimum to keep everything looking sleek. Shades and wood grain vary a bit for each piece, which helps give each timepiece a unique individualized feel. Because of the wood construction, the watches have over 80 percent biodegradable components, although the straps won’t be as sturdy as conventional rubber and metal bands. Each one features Japanese quartz movement.


Do note, the watches sport an oversized design, so if you prefer slightly leaner wrist candy, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.   If heft is your biggest concern, though, don’t be – the wood materials keep it lightweight, with carefully-measured proportions that promise comfortable wear.

Available now, the Carpenter Watch retails for $149.99.

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