Carrera Foldable Helmet Compacts To A Third Of The Size

Granted, the Carrera Foldable Helmet is a little misleading.  Despite the name, it doesn’t really fold (not like the Proteus Helmet does), so don’t expect a helmet that you can square away in a side pocket of your backpack.  Regardless, it’s still a pretty innovative creation, stowing away in a compact size that should make storage just a little more convenient.

When not in use, the helmet can be “folded” into a third of its size when fully deployed, allowing for more efficient use of space.  That means, you can square it away in smaller compartments, like a smaller drawer at the office or a smaller backpack.

Rather than actually folding, the Carrera Foldable Helmet actually compacts when put away and expands when being readied for use.  To perform the neat trick, it uses five molded panels laid across a flexible frame that can stretch out to fit skulls of any size.  The blank spaces created when the helmet expands serve to provide full surface ventilation, running from front to back to keep your head dry and fresh.  It comes with a lockable belt that you can use to keep the helmet folded shut when you put it away, so it keeps the compact shape the entire time, with a metal clip for hooking onto the bike or a belt loop.  You can also use that same accessory as an ankle band to save your pants from greasy and grimy bike chains while riding.

The Carrera Foldable Helmet is available in a variety of colors and finishes, with prices starting at $90.

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