CarWoo Takes The Pressure Out Of Buying A Car

Buying a car is tricky business.  Any promise you got on email or on the phone just goes out the window as soon as you hit the lot.  CarWoo wants to change all that.

Instead of having to haggle with slick suits in their turf, the service lets you come at a price you’re comfortable with right from the comforts of your computer.  None of your information ever gets out to the dealers fielding their offers throughout the process, either, so you won’t get the full court press treatment of relentless phone calls and seemingly endless emails.

CarWoo, in a nutshell, streamlines the whole process of buying a car online.   You pay them a service fee (they have $39 and $79 plans), tell them the kind of car you’re looking for and they’ll do the rest.  The company will contact dealers in your area (they claim to have relationships with over 3,200 dealers nationwide, with 50 more added each day) and get them to commit to a firm offer.  Once all details are in place, they compile it in an easy-to-read format to help you make your choice.  You then drive to the lot and pay the dealers directly.

According to the company, they have systems in place to avoid bait-and-switch tactics that any dealer may pull.  They also have agreements in place that no haggling is allowed once the customer comes in to get their rides.  In case any dealer doesn’t honor the deal, you can report it to CarWoo, who’ll then cut them out of their system.

The company claims their customers get, on average, $3,000 off MSRP, which sounds pretty decent, especially since you don’t ever have to put up with spam from any dealership nor do you have to sit through hours of negotiating.  They have a promo going on right now that slashed down fees to $19 and $49, respectively, so you might want to try them out if you’re looking to snag a new ride.

[link via Autopia]