Carzor Razor Kit Fits Inside Your Wallet

You’re interviewing for your dream job.  So you take a bath for the first time in two weeks, get into a freshly-pressed suit and put on your lucky necktie.  You’re good to go.  When you get there, you you realize you forgot to shave the two-week-old werewolf growing on your face.  If you had the Carzor in your wallet, that shouldn’t be a problem.

A cleverly-designed shaving razor and mirror kit, the set can fold into a thin rectangular slab that fits into a standard card slot in your wallet.  Seriously.  Keep one behind your credit card (or your Card Sharp Knife) and never be stuck with a caveman stubble ever again.

The Carzor has two main parts: a shaving razor handle and a U-shaped mirror (so you can shave even while walking down the street).  The actual razor cartridges are stored blade-down on the body of the mirror, so you don’t risk damaging your wallet or anything on it.   To use, simply pull out the razor handle, attach it to one of the two stored cartridges and shave away.

When put away, the Carzor measures just 86 x 54 x 3 mm, making it easy to slip into any standard billfold (even less conventional ones like the William Wallet).  Oh yeah, the cartridges look pretty decent, too — three blades with a flavored slimy strip on top (which you can get in mint, sandal, lemon, ocean or orange).

While carrying a shaving razor and a mirror in your wallet sounds silly as an everyday thing, it could be a great way to pack one when you’re camping or traveling.  And, no, the Carzor isn’t just a goofy concept either — you can actually buy one for $17.