This Candle Set Lets You Recreate The Mt. Saint Helens Volcano Eruption


It won’t set off explosions and spew out hot lava like a real active volcano. The Cascade Mt. Saint Helens Eruption Candle, however, sure makes for a decorative lighting element that lets you enjoy a veritable volcanic explosion on your mantle every single night.

A base and candle combo, it depicts the 1980 eruption of the Washington volcano, with the former reproducing the natural elevation’s silhouette and the latter illustrating the lava flowing from the crater. Fortunately, it doesn’t come with the same destructive wake the original explosion left in its path, so you can light this every night without unleashing a veritable catastrophe inside the house.


The Cascade Mt. Saint Helens Eruption Candle is a detailed and highly-accurate model of the volcano, based on both modern LiDAR elevation data and historical topographical data taken before the eruption. Specifically, they used modern data to recreate the candle holder, while the actual candle is based on the top section of the volcano that was destroyed during the explosion. Concrete is used to build the candle holder, giving it substantial heft and build, with the candle cast in 100 percent pure beeswax. Just make explosion sounds with your mouth and life will be complete. Or something.

Available now, the Cascade Mt. Saint Helens Eruption Candle is priced at $45.

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