Cascades ThermaFresh Hides A Fully-Functional Cooler Box

Want to hide a cooler filled with beer in the stock room down the office hall?  Here’s how you do it: the Cascades Thermafresh, a cardboard box that’s actually a beer cooler.

Clad like any regular box of supplies (dimensions are  20 x 13.25 x 11.5 inches), you can simply stack it with the boxes of floor cleaners, A4 papers or whatever else you have rotting in that room.  Later, when you get a little thirsty, simply excuse yourself from whatever boring meeting you’re attending, hit the stock room and fill your carabiner mug with a fresh can of ice cold brew.  Ahh.

The Cascades Thermafresh is billed as a greener alternative to limited-use styrofoam coolers.  While it looks like a simple box from the outside, it actually features thermal-insulated boards inside, which keep the interior temperature at a consistent level, so your cold beer stays cold for up to 36 hours (probably more, if the rig is staying in your air-conditioned office).

Since coolers are best employed for outdoor activities like picnics and day trips, the box is lined with a NorShield coating that renders the cardboard waterproof.  It can carry up to 35 lbs. of stash, which equals to a good amount of beer for stealth drinking purposes in the office (you need to appropriate some of that weight for ice bags, though).  Even better, the entire thing can fold flat after use, so you can just carry it out of the office nonchalantly (for refilling, of course).

No word on how many times the Cascades ThermaFresh can be reused.  Since it’s completely recyclable (apart from being made from 70% recycled parts on its own), disposal should be a lot less of an issue, compared to those non-recyclable limited-use coolers you’ve been hauling around.  You can get one now for $14.99.