Casio Watches Can Be Non-Geeky Too

If you promised yourself you’ll never rock a Casio watch again, you might want to take your words back.  Moving away from the digital geekery that defined the brand in the 80s, the Casio Edifice Black Label Collection offers stylish timepieces that you can actually wear without hanging your head in shame.

Designed for men, the accessories definitely refresh the brand, sporting modern design and sleek lines that could pass off for arm candy, whether you’re striking out at the clubs, losing badly at the golf course or getting bullied by your superiors in the boardroom.  Hey, nobody said you were really cool now – you’ve just grown old enough to appreciate the value of watches without a black-and-white LCD and a built-in calculator.

The Black Label Collection comes with six models, each one bearing decidedly masculine looks and more mature features.  Two come with speed indicators, 48-city world times, full auto calendars, luminous color index and color LCDs.  Another pair boasts two 50 lap memories, 50-city world times, onboard thermometers, luminous color index and color LCDs.  One model, the Tough Solar, sports neo-brite luminous hands and runs completely on energy derived from the sun.  The last one, 3D dial, uses solar power too, which it pairs with self-adjusting six-band atomic timekeeping and luminous indexes.  Each watch come with chronograph features and water resistance up to 100 meters.

All six pieces in the Casio Edifice Black Label Collection carry that racing machine motif that adds ruggedness to the design’s elegance.  Bands come in black stainless steel or resin, with prices ranging between $150 and $500.

[Casio via Cool Material]