Casio WSD-F10 Is An Android Wear Smartwatch With Versatile Outdoor Talents


There’s no shortage of adventure watches that come with a whole host of features to help you through challenging outdoor environments. The Casio WSD-F10, though, separates itself from the lot by also being a full-fledged Android Wear smartwatch, so you can get access to notifications, Google Now, and the rest of the wearable platform’s varied functionality on top of powerful outdoor capabilities.

Built for adventures, the smartwatch comes with a full roster of sensors for collecting a variety of outdoor readings, including direction, distance, altitude, atmospheric pressure, sunrise and sunset times, and even tides, making it a highly-suitable device to bring along, whether you’re hiking, fishing, or exploring the wild. Like most other smartwatches, it comes with sensors for activity tracking, too, allowing it to function as a monitor for various fitness activities.


Since being in the outdoors means exposure to the elements, the Casio WSD-F10 comes with 50 meters of water resistance, apart from complying with MILD-STD-810 military standards for shock, vibration, and all sorts of environmental conditions. To get around the issue of battery life, the watch comes with a 1.32-inch, 320 x 300 dual-layer display – one serving as a full-color display and a secondary monochrome LCD that you can deploy if you only need a basic watch face.   Using the full-color touchscreen display, the battery can last for just over a day, while the monochrome layer will allow it to function for an entire month before requiring another charge.   Tactile buttons on the edges allow you to switch between the different modes, so you can quickly bring up the tool readings or the Android Wear apps even while the watch is in monochrome mode.


No pricing or release dates have been announced for the Casio WSD-F10.

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