Casttoo Lets You Decorate Your Surgical Cast With Tattoo Decals


Broke all the bones on your feet and now you’re on a cast? Awesome. Now, you and your friends will have somewhere to doodle all sorts of inanities on. If you can’t draw worth shit and have no friends (just like yours truly), you can still get your cast decorated with Casttoo, tattoo decals designed to spruce up erstwhile blank plaster molds.

Its creators call it “the most fun thing to hit… Orthopedic Medicine” in a long while. I violently disagree. The only thing fun about breaking bones is watching somebody else do it on YouTube, and even that gets tiring after the first five minutes.


Casttoo decals come in a range of popular tattoo designs, including flames, dragons and all those pointy tribal stuff. They’re easily applied using hair dryer, adhering steadfastly to your cast, all on your own. The designs are completely waterproof, too, so you can take your once-per-week shower like normal. You may also want to begin bathing a little more often, just in case.


Sure, applying a decal isn’t half as cool as having an actual artist paint a replica of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling on your surgical cast, but it will do. Priced at $20 and up, they should prove a heck a lot more fitting for something as temporary as molded plaster anyway.

Talking about bone breaking videos, did you guys see this one. Aaaaaah, its painful I must warn you.