Cat Face Mask: A Silly Mask You Can Wear “For Health Reasons”

Need an excuse to wear a cat mask over your nose and mouth?  Now you can with the silly Cat Face Mask from Thanko,  a cat mask that claims to filter air while pushing it in, so you can tell your friends you’re wearing it for health reasons.

I know, it sounds ridiculous.  And that’s not even the end of the madness.  The cat mask itself doesn’t appear to filter anything (in fact, all it’s got is a micro-fan that sucks air in), so Thanko is suggesting that it be worn over one of those surgical masks that was all the rage during the SARS scare from a couple years ago.   What will the fan do then?  According to the company, the fact that it pushes air in will make you breathe more comfortably.  For real.

If you thought that was the worst of it, you’re giving Thanko too much credit.  The fan inside the Cat Face Mask requires power from a USB connection to operate, which means you’ll have to keep it connected to a computer the whole time you’re wearing it.  Considering you’ll want to wear a face mask when you’re out, instead of when you’re indoors, the thing is impossible to use for actual germ protection.

The conclusion is obvious — since you can only wear it when tethered to a computer, this mask is intended to obscure your face when you show yourself naked on Chatroullete.  And you can thank Thanko for that.

The Cat Face Mask is available from the quirky Japanese retailer, priced at around $24.

[Thanko via Akihabara News]