Watching Someone Use Their Phone With This Cat Tail Glove Might Be The Most Mesmerizing Thing Ever


Do you like to tickle your spouse? Does your spouse like cats? If the answer is affirmative on both counts, you need these Cat Tail Gloves.

That’s right, it’s a pair of gloves printed with an image of a single cat, with the cat’s tail serving as the index finger. That way, you can tickle your spouse while making it look like the tickling is being done by the tail of an adorable cat. It’s cute, it’s funny, and, if you set the mood right, it just might be kind of sexy. Keep your fingers crossed.


Made in Japan (where else?), it appears the Cat Tail Gloves are meant for use in the colder season of the coming months, since the index finger comes with a tip that makes it work perfectly with a smartphone’s touchscreen. We don’t know if the rest of the fingers have a capacitive tip, too, but I hope they don’t. That way, you’ll be forced to use the cat’s tail every time you need to do something on your phone, making it look like the cat is slapping the smartphone with its tail every time you tap an icon on the home screen, hit the home button, or swipe right on Tinder.

They’re offering three cat designs, each one with the cat staring at whoever’s judging you for wearing a glove with a cat printed whose tail extends to your index finger. And, yes, the cat is absolutely judging them, too.

The Cat Tail Glove is priced at ¥3,980.

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