Catching the Wild Coatrack Features A Lasso In Suspended Animation

Looking for a rack to hang  your cowboy outfit (and, yes, you’re still a cowboy even if you wear fancy hats)?  Well, we can’t imagine a more fitting piece than Catching the Wild, a coatrack that looks like one of those lassos cowboys swing in the air to rope in cattles and horses held in suspended animation.

Designed by German duo Johannes Hemann and Kai Linke, the still-life furniture is styled as a thick loop of rope that looks like it’s being held upright on its own.  Seriously, the resulting effect is quite an impressive sight that I almost expect it to spin and rope someone walking by around the legs.

Catching the Wild’s coil acts as the base of the wardrobe rack, while the main loop serves as the rod from which to hang your garb.   Dimensions are 177 x 65 x 97 cm, with a loop large enough to hold over a dozen (probably two or three if you’re willing to cram them tight) hangers with your Wild West garb draped around them.  We’re not exactly sure how they built this (we’re guessing bent steel wires inside the rope-like outer), but it looks very life-like.  As in, you can pose for a picture pretending to use this to lasso something in your cowboy outfit and you can totally pull it off.

Originally created as a prototype for the 2006 Cologne Furniture Fair, Catching the Wild has now been produced in a limited run of 99 pieces.  Zurich-based distributor Waldraud has it in their stock, although no pricing is listed (which means, you’ll likely need to pawn off some horses and cattles if you want to buy one).

[Waldraud via designboom]