Catgirl Earphones Lets You Listen To Music While Wearing Fur-Covered Cat Ears


Listening to an iPod in public is a severely anti-social activity all on its own.  This pair of Catgirl Earphones makes it worse, turning you into the most unapproachable man in town.  Seriously, would you even dare talk to a grown man wearing this around their head?

Of course, the whole dynamic changes when it’s a cute girl sporting the buds, like on the photo.  Instead of a horrific experience, it quickly turns into adorable Japanese cosplay, which should be exactly what creator Thanko was going for.


The Catgirl Earphones consist of a fur-covered over-the-head band with two cat ears sticking out near the top.  A pair of earbuds dangle on wires from both ends of the band, with a 3.5mm connector hanging on the right side.  It comes in either black or white fur, with the inner ears clad in a painfully pink shade.

Since Thanko’s specialty has always been in the crap gadget range, don’t expect to derive much musical talents from this pair of buds.  As shamelessly cute as it may be, those who care about how their cans (not to mention their good standing in the community) sound should probably give it a pass.  Instead, the Catgirl Earphones has to be squarely for the consideration of kawaii fans, along with those looking to satiate their cat ear fetishes.  You know who you are!

Thanko’s international site (Rare Mono Shop) doesn’t seem to carry it yet, though it’s already on sale from their Japanese page for the equivalent of $20.

[Thanko via Boing Boing Gadgets]