Cave Tent Is An Inflatable Outdoor Shelter

Can’t set up a proper tent if your life depended on it?  Make outdoor life easy with the Cave Tent, an efficient and durable shelter that requires no elaborate installation — it’s inflatable.

Just like your inflatable mattress and your inflatable pool, this blow-up tent (20 x 12 x 8 inches when packed) just needs a boost of air to turn into a fully-functional temporary living station.  It’s armed with a One Pump System, too, allowing you to pitch the whole thing with only one inflation procedure that takes less than a minute.

The Cave Tent uses a structure called the Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG), described as “a self-supporting airframe formed out of 5 modular double-layer air beams.”  The five-chamber design allows it to remain stable even if certain parts are damaged, making for one sturdy shelter that will keep you holed up even through rough conditions.  Just make sure to fix the frame using lines if stormy weather descends.

Made to sleep up to three people (and sit a total of six),  the tent has a ground area of 54 square feet and an inner height of 40 inches (so you can’t stand — sorry).  The inflatable frame has a stiff resistant polyester on the outer layer and a flexible thermoplastic polyurethane inner layer, with a polyester fly sheet and a nylon inner tent.  Everything is waterproof and tear-resistant, of course, so it’s a perfectly capable replacement for your regular tent.

What’s the catch?  The Cave Tent isn’t exactly the most affordable bundle in the lot, priced at a wallet-unfriendly €499.95.

[Heim Planet]