Caveman Mug: You Are Now Free To Drink Coffee Like A Neanderthal

Remember when you laughed at the Paleo Diet, then changed your mind once you realized it was the perfect excuse to eat two dozen slices of bacon, half a dozen pork sausages, and eight sunnyside eggs every morning?  Yeah, that diet is awesome.  But if you’re going to eat breakfast like a troglodyte, might as well drink your coffee like one, too, and the Caveman Mug is exactly the drinkware to embrace your neanderthal lifestyle with.

Looking like it was painstakingly carved in stone using the most primitive tools, the mug comes with rough surfaces, a rim with an uneven shape, and a design aesthetic lifted straight out of the Flinstones.  Seriously, you’ll feel like screaming “Yabbadabbadoo!” every time you take a sip out of this thing, then pummel the hot girl from accounting upside the head, and drag her to your cave because that’s how cavemen roll.  Yeah, bad idea, don’t even consider.

The Caveman Mug is actually less primitive than its appearance suggests, being constructed from high-quality ceramic just like many of the drink ware in the office pantry cupboard.   That means, it’s not a good idea to use it like a stone tool, lest you want it to shatter just like any ceramic mug when it slips off your hand and drops straight down to the floor.  It measures 13 x 10.5 x 13 cm, with the capacity to hold up to 380 ml of your favorite beverages.

Want one?  The Caveman Mug is available from The Fowndry, priced at £9.99.

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