This Innocent-Looking Coffee Table Doubles As A Well-Stocked Mini-Bar


It looks like any round coffee table that you can use to set down your drinks, put your feet up, and dump the remote on while watching TV. Except, the CB2 Ya Ya Coffee Table has a tabletop that can be removed to reveal that the living room furniture is actually a giant coffee mug. Or a communal living room toilet. Or both.

We kid, we kid, of course. Instead of a giant mug or a tank-less toilet, the coffee table actually just doubles as a general storage for whatever stuff you want to keep readily available when you’re chilling on the couch. You know, like console gaming peripherals, coffee table books, or, as the outfit suggests, a small mini-bar collection.


Designed exclusively for CB2 by Kravitz Design, the Ya Ya Coffee Table is a perfectly-round fixture with a recessed plinth base that should make for quite a powerful presence in any living room. Since they recommend it for use as a mini-bar of sorts, the hollowed out compartment in the center is sized such that it can hold standard one-liter wine and spirit bottles perfectly upright, all while having enough room for glassware, barware, and other drink-mixing gear. The removable tabletop, by the way, is also designed to serve a wooden work surface and serving tray, making the erstwhile coffee table a bona fide one-stop shop for all your drink-prep needs.


Construction is engineered wood for the table, with a high-gloss white lacquer finish that’s responsible for making it look like either a giant coffee mug or a perfectly-round toilet. The tray, on the other hand, is cut in walnut veneer with a rim cut in solid ash.

Available now, the CB2 Ya Ya Cofee Table is priced at $699.

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