This Bottle Cutter Makes Slicing Off Glass Containers A Safer, Faster Affair

Slicing off empty glass bottles to turn them into drinking glasses, vases, and hanging lamps can be a fun hobby. At least, until you cut your hand working with sharp glass edges. If you’d rather not risk seeing blood gush out of your limbs, though, the C&C Bottle Cutter might prove plenty helpful.

Designed for home use, the device lets you cut bottles of different sizes quickly, precisely, and safely. Granted, it won’t help you sand the sharp edges after you slice the bottle (you’ll have to use sandpaper all on your own), but it should get you through that hard step of chopping off the glass without any untoward incident.

The C&C Bottle Cutter consists of a plywood platform for holding the bottle, with an integrated adjustable blade. The device won’t actually cut the bottle in place — instead, it will merely scratch a deep line around the bottle using the blade. To finish up, you’ll need to put an included rubber ring right by the cutting line, pour boiling water on the line, and put it through cold water from the faucet, allowing the bottle to split in two on its own.  The blade can scratch through a wide swath of bottle sizes (provided they’re round), from tiny bottles to Mason jars to large 3-liter containers, as well as slice them at different positions, ensuring you can produce everything from ashtrays and small dishes to drinking cups and glass bowls.

Want one? The C&C Bottle Cutter is currently running a campaign for an upcoming production run on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £30.

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