CD Wall Tiles Let You Decorate The Wall With Album Cover Art


We know you’ve got all of Celine Dion’s albums. Even those recorded in foreign languages. Why hide the Celine love when you can show it off with the CD Wall Tile, a wall-mounted CD case that can turn your beloved collection into a guaranteed date killer – unless you’re dating that chick from the Celine Dion Fans Club, of course. If that’s the case, then someone’s getting action tonight…yeehaw.

Since you can get most any music you want off iTunes and other digital sources, people who still buy CDs either love the medium or love the accompanying sleeve art. Either way, there’s no better manner of showing off a collection than hanging the whole thing up a wall for all your guests to enjoy. You don’t only maximize shelf space, you get to decide how you want your walls to look too. Even better, it can work even if Celine Dion is the farthest thing from your playlist.


The CD Wall Tiles are transparent CD cases with 3M command clips at the back, so you can stick it right up any vertical surface. Each one can hold either single or double CDs too, so most of the albums in your roster should handily fit in. Nine cases come with each pack, so you can start going nuts on your apartment as soon as you receive your first kit.


Whether you want to showcase the best cover art in your collection, wish to dedicate a wall to local musical heroes or show off all the antivirus CDs you’ve bought over the years, the CD Wall Tiles make everything easy. Since you can replace the contents of any case on the wall too, you can practically redecorate anytime you feel like it. You can go from Cradle of Filth to Frank Sinatra to Village People in no time.

Each set is available for $39.95.

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