Celebrity Lamp Uses 40 Mirrored Aviators For Its Shade

Celebrities are awesome.  They’re showered with riches, adored by millions and flashed by hundreds of cameras everywhere they go.  Oh yeah, they wear mirrored sunglasses like it’s an indispensable part of their wardrobe, too.  The Celebrity Lamp won’t be hounded by the papparazi any time soon, but it wears its aviators like a badge of perpetual honor the same way your favorite TMZ fodder does.

When powered off, the lighting furniture looks like a fancy modern sculpture with a mass of reflective shades piled together, surrounding the top area.   From the distance, it looks entirely clad in silver, using the 80 individual lenses to reflect its surroundings, creating a sight you can’t look away from.  Yep, just like those shiny people that regularly grace the cover of entertainment magazines.

Switched on, the Celebrity Lamp lights up, casting a kaleidoscope of oval shadows around the room.  If you ever wanted mood lighting that makes you feel like you’re at a strangely-lit downtempo club, we’re guessing this will do.

The lamp’s base and pole are made from shiny steel, with the shade built from 40 pairs of mirrored sunglasses.  It uses a temple from the sunglasses for the switch, which adds a really clever touch.  Designed for tabletop placement, it measures 23.6 inches in height and 17.7 inches in diameter.

Manufactured in Austria for Deeply Madly Living, the Celebrity Lamp is available in both US and European versions for $160.   The price appears to have been marked down by a serious 90% (originally $1,600), so we’re guessing this is like one of those formerly A-list celebs who made a terribly wrong career turn.

[Deeply Madly Living]