Ceramic Notepad: Like Working In Fred Flintstone’s Office


My notepad is a paperweight.  That sounds pretty stupid, right?  Not if you're jotting down notes on the Ceramic Notepad, a dry-erase slab that you can probably smash someone's head with.

Congratulations designer Helen Johannessen, you just recreated Fred Flintstone's notebook.  Yay!  It's like a small whiteboard clad as a notebook using a material that could have been my next piggy bank.  Pretty awesome.

The Ceramic Notepad measures 12 x 20 x 3 cm and is made entirely from clay, so it can easily double as paperweight while getting rid of thick piles of memo pads on your work table.   I'm guessing you can use it as a chopping board too, in case the need comes up (just make sure to erase it first).  It can be used on your desk, mounted on a wall or employed as an improvised weapon to break on somebody's face.  Do note it's probably a little too heavy to use for your grocery shopping list, but I won't stop you.

Just like a regular dry-erase board, you can draw, doodle and scribble on the damn thing.  When you're done, simply wipe it clean with a piece of cloth.  It ships with a colored pencil that you can use to write on the surface.  Alternatively, it also works with dry-wipe markers.

The sales page claims that the Ceramic Notepad is the first dishwashing safe notepad around.  Since it's dry erase, though, why bother washing?  Oh, wait, you used it as a sushi plate.  Okay, continue.  It's available for only £10.99 ($18).

[Mocha UK]