CFS Furniture Set, A Cardboard Table And Stool Combo For Kids Looks Fun

Looking to outfit a playroom with child-safe and fun-looking furniture?  You might want to try this: the CFS Furniture Set.

Created by Metrocs and designed by Riki Watanabe, only cardboard was used as material for the construction of the entire set.  No screws, no glues, no tapes — just thoughtful folding, slicing and arranging pieces of stiff thick paper products are involved in building each of the clever pieces.

The CFS Furniture Set consists of three items: one table and a pair of stools.  Sized for use by kids five years and below, the table measures 17.3 x 13 x 17.3 inches, while the cubic stools each measure 8.7 inches on all sides.  Despite the cardboard make and the kiddie marketing, these things aren’t flimsy at all: the stools can carry children up to 750 lbs (even child gorillas probably don’t weigh that much), while the table can hold up to 315 lbs of materials over its surface (yes, that means you can use it and get away with it too).

It ships in a briefcase-sized box with instructions on how to use the pre-cut sheets of cardboard to build the actual furniture pieces.  Since everything is cut, sliced and sized to fit, there’s no need to dig into your tools for anything. That means, you can actually spend an impromptu weekend making it with the kids, paving the way for a fun and safe construction project that you can bond over.

The outer cardboard of each piece in the CFS Furniture Set comes painted in either orange, white, yellow or blue.  Price is an even $150.

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