These Chainsaw Key Covers Are Cute

Everybody loves chainsaws.  I mean, whose heart wouldn’t be melted by the sight of a roaring handheld machine with a rotating sharp blade cutting zombies effortlessly in half?   Melt your heart every time you open the door of your house with the Chainsaw Key Cover.

A novelty key cover, it turns your humble house and drawer keys into a miniature chainsaw.  While you can’t quite use it to go on a chainsaw rampage slashing every person you come across in the street like they did in the Rampage Mode of that old GTA game, you can, of course, use it to cut through the packing tape on your Amazon deliveries and scratch your ex-girlfriend’s rebound boyfriend’s new ride.

The Chainsaw Key Cover isn’t just a plastic cover that gives your key a different head.  Instead, it comes propped up with lights and realistic chainsaw noise effects so you can pretend you’re wielding a real power blade while fiddling with the lock on the front door.  It measures 2.2 x 12.5 x 19 cm, giving your key a nice chunky head to grab onto while using it.  The chainsaw head comes with a plastic handle, too, so you can hang it on your larger action figures’ hands to give them a makeshift chainsaw for just a little more menacing appearance.  I mean, imagine Don Vito Corleone holding one of these — just plain awesome, right?

Want one?  Spinning Hat is selling the Chainsaw Key Cover, priced at £4.99.

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