Chair Special Love Seat Gets Busy As You Get Busy

Love chairs are great.  A love chair that shakes and tilts as you get busy is even better.  That’s exactly what you get with the Chair Special Love Seat, a dual-sitting home furniture with a seat and back that adjusts with your movement.

Built by Miami-based PM Custom, the product page describes it as “one of those items that really should be used in order to understand how it feels.”  Judging from the product photo of some dude “fake-surfing” on top of the buttrest, we’re guessing it’s something like sitting in a hoverboard while it struggles to keep its balance floating in the air.  Which happens to be awesome.

The Chair Special Love Seat is a two-person chair that uses machined steel fittings with rubber bushings under the seat and back, allowing them to slightly change position as you and your partner move around in the manner that love seats were meant to be used for.  Hand-forged frame is made from hot-rolled steel round bars, with the surfaces created from cold-molded plywood.

Look is rather bare, with a clear satin lacquer finish for the plywood and a clear gloss lacquer finish for the steel frame.   There are no armrests, either, so you’re free to wiggle about with your whole body (which is probably a good idea with love seats, anyway).

Unfortunately, the one pictured on the product page has already sold.  According to the maker, however, one can be custom-built if you order.  But there’s one problem: you’ll need to be loaded to afford this at the extra-beefy $2,500 price.

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