Chairigami Cardboard Chairs Look Equally Amazing And Uncomfortable

While we doubt the Chairigami cardboard chairs are half as comfortable as your existing couches and loungers, it’s tough to deny just how impressive they are. Plus, the designs are downright swank, making for hot pieces of furniture for showing off at home.

These are not the first cardboard furnishings we’ve seen. We’ve actually seen quite a number since the whole green movement of the last few years started making their way to home furniture. So far, though, these appear to be the most elaborate seats we’ve seen built — way better than the stools that have been frequently used to showcase the strength of cardboards.

Currently, Chairigami offers three designs: the Love Seat, the Lounge Chair and the Desk Chair. Each one is decked in a cobbled together cardboard assembly that’s both extremely light (finally, furniture you can move around) and eyecatching. Yes, they can be quickly disassembled, flat-packed and put back together, too.

The Love Seat, a two-seater, is the biggest of the three and measures 48 x 32 x 28 inches. The Lounge Chair, on the other hand, measures 20 x 30 x 40 inches, while the Desk Chair measures 18 x 26 x 35 inches. We’re not exactly sure how, but the product page claims that the Desk Chair will “conform” to your personal contours the more you use it. Yes, a cardboard chair that acts like a ghetto memory foam. Well, something like that.

Pricing for the Chairigami is as follows: Love Seat ($100); Lounge Chair ($70); and Desk Chair ($80). All models are available now.