Chairs For The Dysfunctional


Need a chair more suited for your idiosyncrasies?  Check out Alice Wang’s Chairs for the Dysfunctional, a series of seating fixtures designed to support more than your body, heartily embracing your eccentric affectations.

Launched at SaloneSatellite, each individual piece is tailored for a specific purpose, depending on who it’s designed for.   Offering as much fun as style,  five models made this first set, namely the Skilled Tilter, the Equality Seeker, the Silent Farter, the Constant Shaker and the Status Announcer.

The Skilled Tilter is designed for those who like to lean forward, tilting their chairs in the process.  Since seats for such folks rarely stay planted on the ground, ones with full-sized rear legs are just a total waste of material.  Thus, Alice sawed off the legs and added a spirit leveler on the side to measure how well the tilting individual is able to balance their position.

For the shorter among us, she designed the Equality Seeker, a chair with modular legs that allow you to deck them as high as needed in order to sit at an equal level with everyone else.  The Silent Farter, on the other hand, is a contraption straight out of elementary-level schoolchildren’s gross imaginary gadgets.  Fitted with a built-in amplifier, it magnifies the sound of silent farts so everyone in the room hears them.

Nervous cats get a chair especially for them with the Constant Shaker, which measures the amount of calories a person burns while sitting based on their fidgety movements.  The total energy spent is displayed clearly via a digital panel on the furniture’s left front leg. Last, but not the least, is the Status Announcer, which comes with a knob on the backrest where you can hang your current status Facebook style (Single, Married, It’s Complicated) or IM-like (Busy, Stepped Out, Available).

Currently only in prototype stages, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these actually make production.  Hell, I’ll replace all chairs in my dining room with that Silent Farter and turn every at-home dinner into a mess of epic (and extremely unappetizing) proportions.

[Alice Wang via Moco Loco]