Chalkboard Wall Decal Turns Any Flat Surface Into A Blackboard

Remember Ideapaint, the product that lets you turn anything paint-able into writable space. Well if that is something too much of an undertaking and you still need a place to doodle with chalk, you can forget about buying a big slab of wood and use the Chalkboard Wall Decal instead.

It works like any of your average peel-and-stick decals, adhering fastly to any smooth, flat surface.  Instead of funky graphics on the visible part, though, it features a fully-functional chalkboard, allowing you to turn an entire wall of your bedroom into a place where you can doodle powdery sticks on.

The Chalkboard Wall Decal measures 22 x 36 inches, so you’ll need to combine multiple pieces to turn the entire kitchen wall into your personal doodle museum (wipes clean with a cloth).  You can also cut it down to turn smaller surfaces into instant chalkboards, like the top side of your hated neighbor’s laptop, which you can then proceed to write obscenities on.

What if you want to reclaim a wall?  It doesn’t say, but most modern decals use one of those residue-free adhesives, so it should peel off without further uglifying your already aesthetically-challenged abode (at least, we hope so).  Oh, and in case you need a portable chalkboard, you should be able to stick it on a sturdy piece of cardboard for carrying around.  Convenient.

The Chalkboard Wall Decal is available now, priced at $24.