Chambong Lets You Down Champagne At Rapid-Fire Speeds


You can drink champagne off a plastic cup or a proper flute. Either way, it will taste amazing and it will get you buzzed. Neither of those, however, will be as fun as drinking your bubblies off a Chambong.

The perfect glassware for the bro who subsists on a strict diet of Taittinger, Pommery, and Veuve Clicquot, it’s the unexpected marriage between a high-brow champagne flute and a low-brow beer bong. No more sipping your celebratory drinks in a cultured, civilized, and boring manner. With this thing, you can clean out a bottle of sparkling wine with the same rapid pace you down a six-pack of beers during rowdy parties.


The Chambong is a V-shaped pipe, with one side shaped like a traditional champagne flute, so you can pour down that bottle of Moet into a familiar-looking vessel. That familiarity ends, of course, as soon as you begin drinking, which you do from the opposite end of the pipe, shooting all that champagne down at a rapid pace as you gently tilt the pipe upwards. Once you’re done, simply repeat the process until the bottle’s empty or you’re face down on the floor.

Made from borosilicate glass, the Chambong is safe to use on a dishwasher, although it’s probably best cleaned using a narrow brush or a pipe cleaner. Each one can hold about four ounces of beverage with an inch of empty space on both ends of the pipe.


Ready to make your adult parties feel a lot more like college, the Chambong is available now, priced at $30.

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