This 36-Liter Backpack Has A Built-In Camping Chair That Supports 300 Pounds Of Weight


Like any backpack, you can use the Chameleon to carry all your gear when hiking, camping, and otherwise exploring the backcountry. Unlike them, the darn thing can unfold into a proper camping chair that you can use to rest your legs when things get a little too tiring in the wild.

No, we don’t mean using your backpack like a stool that you sit on top of when you’ve got some solid cases inside. Instead, the darn thing really comes with an integrated camping chair that you can equip whenever you need to plop down and catch a quick rest.


The Chameleon actually consists of four components that can be individually detached, namely a pair of sling bags, a chair frame, and a chair canvas. In full hiking bag mode, the sling bags attach to the chair canvas, which can be wrapped around them to serve as an outer cover of sorts (it’s made from durable and water-resistant nylon), while the chair frame collapses into a pouch right on the canvas. This allows you to carry the whole ensemble on your back like a regular pack, with no one ever likely to guess you’ve got a fully-functional camping chair lurking inside somewhere.


Each of the sling bags comes with full-length zippers for quick access to the main compartment, which offers 16 liters of room, making it a suitable size for a quick trip to the gym or a brief day out with a few gear in tow. The two sling bags can be attached to each other to form a casual backpack with drawstring straps, too, which you can use by itself if you do not need the camping chair to come along wherever you’re going. Granted, the bag is a lot better looking with the chair canvas wrapped around the main bags, although if traveling light is important, then shedding the extra weight is definitely an option.

Do note, the chair cover does add another four liters of storage space to the rig, so there are situations where you might actually need it for that purpose. In fact, it houses the water bladder storage (which can double as a laptop pouch), so whether you’re in the city or the backcountry, there’s good reason to keep it around.


To use the Chameleon’s chair, simply pull out the collapsed chair frame, assemble it using the included connectors, and set it down on the ground. Then, unzip the main bag cover to reveal the chair canvas and the two sling bags attached inside. From there, you simply place the chair canvas on the frame, securing it by the corners. You can keep the bags attached the entire time, too (since they go under the arm rest), so your gear need not ever touch the ground. The chair, by the way, can support up to 300 pounds of load, so you don’t have to be careful using it – that aluminum structure it uses can, apparently, handle a whole lot of weight.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Chameleon. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $143.

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