Chameleon Pen Can Draw In Different Color Tones


Like any ordinary marker, you can use the Chameleon Pens to layer colorful hues on your favorite illustrations. Unlike them, it’s capable of producing multiple color tones, enabling “stunning gradations, highlights, and shading” using a single pen.

Whether for finishing up a stack of coloring books or fashioning your own art creations, this pen will allow you to create effects like no other marker could. From soft tones to hard tones to a steadily-intensifying gradients, this thing gives coloring with a marker way more flexibility than what would otherwise be possible.


The Chameleon Pen consists of a standard-looking marker with two replaceable nibs – a bullet nib on one end and a brush nib on the other. It works much like any marker equipped that way, so you can use the bullet nib to draw fine lines and the brush to lay a thick swath of color. Except, it also comes with a second marker that actually contains a toner solution. To change the Chameleon Pen’s color tone, you simply mix a little toner into the pen by putting their nibs together. From there, you put the marker to paper and enjoy the lighter color tones it produces.

The more you draw, by the way, the darker the tone will get, since the toner starts to wear off. If you want to keep coloring in the lighter shade, you simply add more toner and repeat. The marker is available in a variety of colors.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Chameleon Pen. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $5.

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