An Outdoor Stool That’s Also An Insulated Cooler Is The Perfect Backyard Furniture


At first glance, Champ looks just like an ordinary stool. You know, the kind you can use as a seat, a side table, or an ottoman any time you require any one of those functions around the house. It’s pretty versatile like that. Doing other stools one better, though, it also pulls moonlighting duties as a handy cooler, with an insulated compartment inside for holding ice and any beverages you want to keep chilled.

That’s right, this erstwhile normal-looking stool can actually function as a handy cooler, making it a perfect way to keep cold beer, soda, or any beverage within easy reach. Whether you’re watching a game on TV, reading a good book on the porch, or playing with the kids in the backyard, this thing saves you from making multiple trips to the fridge by holding a cold stash of drinks nearby.


The Champ Stool combines an insulated polypropylene body with a round wooden top (oak or walnut) that’s covered in a wide range of colored cushions. A cutout along the top edge lets you easily remove the cushioned top at any time, giving you easy access to the cooler compartment inside. It comes in a weatherproof construction, ensuring you can keep it in the porch and backyard as much in living rooms and bedrooms. We’re not sure how many drinks you can fit inside the insulated area, but it looks likes it can handle at least six bottles (and even more for cans) with ease.


Available now, the Champ Stool is priced at €149.95.


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