Champagne Gun Turns Bottles Of Sparkling Wine Into Super Soakers – Because Why Not!


There are few things as celebratory as spraying expensive champagne all over a crowd.  Do it a few times, though, and the whole thing starts feeling trite.  Change things up with the Champagne Gun, which transforms an erstwhile pricey bottle of sparkling wine into a badass Super Soaker.

A metal frame cast in a machine gun shape, it lets you carry a bottle of champagne the way you would handle a rifle.  That way, instead of merely spraying it on a crowd, you fire the bubblies at everyone in sight, instantly turning any celebration into a wild and crazy shootout.


The Champagne Gun doesn’t actually add any boost to the wine’s spray, so you’ll still have to shake the bottle to build pressure and use your finger to control its spray.  It still sprays out of the actual bottle’s mouth, too, rather than the nozzle on the machine gun frame, so the whole thing is really just an elaborate way to put two handles on a side of the bottle, so you can hold it with both hands like a rifle.  And since it’s, for all intents and purposes, a tool for stepping up any ostentatious celebrations, the frame is only designed to take magnums – those 1.5-liter wine bottles that’s a staple of champagne celebrations.


It measures 24 inches long and weighs 5 pounds (10 pounds with a fresh bottle loaded), so you should be able to handle it even when you’re flat out drunk.  Three finishes are available: gold, chrome, and rose gold.

You can get the Champagne Gun directly from the product website, where it’s priced at $459.

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