Chandeliers Built From Recycled Bike Parts

We’ve seen bike parts recycled into a whole slew of stuff before, from bracelets to apocalypse-era weapons.  These decommissioned parts, however, managed to find new life as gorgeous chandeliers that bring light and a whole new character to a room.

Created by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, the creations  visually contrast the “classic elegance of the candelabrum” with the “newfound elegance of discarded, mechanical bicycle parts.”  I’m not big on conceptual artist speak, so I’ll leave you to decipher that all on your own.

Carolina’s innovative chandelier sculptures use different bike parts throughout their construction.   While the draped chains are the most easily visible, a closer look should show you the rest of the ensemble: rims, wheels, gears, tubes and a whole other slew of erstwhile junk parts are integrated into them.

According to the artist, she first started making the “bike parts chandeliers”  as a thesis for art school.  She has since made them a major focus of her work, fashioning them in various sizes and designs.

You can view the rest of Carolina’s impressive “bike junk” sculptures from her website below.

[Facaro via Treehugger]