Channellock Rescue Tool Will Aid Your Escape During Zombie Attack

Survival weapons and food supplies can only get you so far during post-apocalyptic earth.  At some point, you’re going to find yourself trapped while rummaging for salvageable utility items and you’re going to need to MacGyver your way out.  During those times, these Rescue Tools will be your best friend.

Made by Channellock, the multi-tools feature a bunch of implements intended for prying a variety of closed compartments open.  Whether escaping from a locked basement where a gang of lawless mutant bandits are keeping you or busting yourself out of a vehicle crushed by a fallen Mammoth (hey, you never know what evolution will bring), you’ll be congratulating yourself for packing one of these along.

Three models of Rescue Tools are available: 87, 88 and 89.  The basic 88 version features laser-treated cable cutters, a Spanner Wrench for loosening hose couplings, an implement for prying doors and windows open, and a facility for shutting off gas safety valves.  The 89 version gets all that, along with an even meaner cable cutter with a narrow jaw for slipping into tight areas, hardened edges that will shear through soft metal and a tool steel for punching through glass.  The newest version, the 87, boasts mostly the same features as the 89 in a smaller and 30% lighter unit.

We’re not sure if the Rescue Tool can help you escape from an alien jail cell onboard the mothership (we’re pretty sure they haven’t tested this on alien materials), but having one should, at least, give you a fighting chance.    They’re available now, with prices ranging from $46 to $56.