KitchenQue Is A 400-Degree Fahrenheit Smoker You Can Use In A Stovetop


Smoked barbecue, with its complex and distinct flavors, has gained increased popularity in recent years, as more and more people discover the joys of grilled food bearing that rich, smoky flavor. Problem is, most smokers are designed for outdoor use, leaving you at the mercy of the weather while eliminating the opportunity altogether for those without a backyard in their home. The Charcoal Companion KitchenQue changes that.

An indoor stovetop smoker, the contraption lets you smoke food right inside the kitchen, so everyone can get a chance to experience the unique flavor of smoked dishes. Whether you’re renting an apartment, living in a condo, or just want to enjoy some smoked brisket in the middle of snow season, this stovetop rig lets you make your favorite smoked dishes right in the comfort of your kitchen.


The Charcoal Companion KitchenQue consists of four parts: a base unit, a drip tray, a grate, and a raised cover. The base unit is made from steel, so it’s compatible with all types of stovetops, from standard gas and electric units to modern induction cookers and compact camping stoves, while the raised cover is tall enough to let you fit a whole chicken and other large chunks of meat inside. Both the base unit and the raised cover come with high-heat silicone grips on the handles for easily moving them even in the middle of cooking.

To use it, simply place the base on top of the stovetop and place a scoop of the wood pellets inside, spreading it around evenly across the surface. Then set down the dip tray, pour a little water in, and lay the grate on top. From there, you just place the food on the grate and leave it to cook. A built-in thermometer on top of the cover allows you to monitor the cooking temperature, while a cutout on a corner of the dip tray lets you load additional wood chips in case you decide you want an even smokier flavor in the middle of a cooking session.


According to Charcoal Companion, the KitchenQue can reach temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring it can cook and smoke your food simultaneously just as well as any grill or backyard smoker. If you’d rather just smoke your food as a finishing touch, you can also cook your food separately and place it in the smoker to give it that complex flavor profile.


How long does it take to cook food on this thing? According to the outfit, it can cook a whole chicken in 60 to 80 minutes, a beef brisket in 90 to 120 minutes, and a fish in 15 to 25 minutes. Apparently, the darn thing can be used to make pizza, too, which it can finish in 15 to 25 minutes. Yes, smoked barbecue pizza sounds like an absolute treat. Obviously, if you’re just smoking the food as a finishing touch, you can do it in far shorter periods.

The Charcoal Companion KitchenQue is available now.

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