ChargeAll Is A Pocket-Sized Power Bank With An 85-Watt AC Outlet


Portable power banks are great (especially when they can connect to LEGO bricks), letting you juice USB gadgets while managing to cram it in a backpocket for easy handling. Problem is, the truly portable ones are usually relegated to USB charging, leaving you to find other arrangements for plugging in the laptop that you do most of your work on. The ChargeAll changes that.

While small enough to fit in the pocket (albeit, probably in an uncomfortable manner), it comes with a three-prong power outlet that lets you plug in the laptop when you need to get down and do some serious work. Whether you’re stuck at a coffee shop that won’t allow folks to plug in a computer, working from the passenger seat of a car on the way to a meeting, or just plain too lazy to get out of the hotel bed to plug in the laptop, this handy device should keep your computer running.


Aside from the AC outlet, the ChargeAll comes with a pair of USB slots, giving you the ability to charge up to three devices at the same time. Two versions are available: an 85-watt 18,000 mAh model and a 65-watt 12,000 mAh version. The larger model holds enough juice to charge a laptop in full, so you can double your work time even without an open wall outlet in sight. Dimensions are 7.25 x 5.25 x 1 inches for the larger one, with the smaller about an inch less in both length and width.


Originally crowdfunded through Indiegogo, the ChargeAll is now commercially available. Price is $269.95 and $299.95 for the smaller and larger versions, respectively.

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