ChefStack Pancake Machine Ready To Feed You 200 Pancakes Per Hour


Want a huge stack of pancakes every morning for your family of ten?  No problem.  Install a ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine in your kitchen and start cranking out piles of steaming fresh flapjacks every hour.

Combining the words “pancake” and “automatic” usually meant having to find a local IHOP.  Not anymore, as it turns out.  Just crack a batter pouch open (you can buy them from the company too), slap it into the ChefStack and wait for the first one to drop in just thirty seconds.  Thirty freaking seconds – that’s like hitting the button, walking to the bathroom, taking a leak and coming back to find a small stack waiting for you!  It’s magic.

As the world’s first automatic pancake machine, the ChefStack facilitates the most convenient way to make the delicious comfort food, all while taking up just the same space as a larger microwave oven.  There’s no pan to heat, no mess to make and no effort to put in.  Not to mention, those four-inch pancakes look good too and are 97% fat-free (whether that means the pancakes are 3% fat or something else, I have no idea).

Intended for use by commercial establishments like restaurants and convenience stores, the ChefStack can produce up to 200 pancakes per hour.  That’s more than three pancakes per minute on average, which means you can begin complaining once it takes the waitress more than five minutes to bring your food.

Already a huge hit in Australia and New Zealand, the ChefStack Pancake Machine is now available Stateside for $3,500.

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