Cherkees Puts Beef Jerky Bits In Your Potato Chips

They say you can tell a lot about a man based on what he eats.  Your diet consists of potato chips and beef jerky.  And that tells me you’ll probably love Cherkees — a mutant fusion of your two favorite heavily-processed grocery grub.

Made by Rowan Lane, this unusual snack looks like very thin slices of dried meat, cut up in bite sizes.   Except they’re actually crispy and crunchy chips just like the bag of Doritos you down every time you hunch up on the cubicle at work.  Varying it up even more, they come with a flavor that tastes like regular beef jerky, making for one incomparable type of comfort food.

Unlike “jerky-flavored” potato chips in the market, Cherkees actually includes real beef jerky bits mixed in with the chips.  Each bag uses up about a quarter pound of lean cow meat, making it a great source for protein (12 grams per serving), with none of the jaw-tiring chewing you’re subjected to with actual jerky (yep, it’s as crispy as regular fried strips of spuds).  While it’s still probably junk food, it actually doesn’t sound half as bad as other potato-based packaged snacks.  Aside from being rich in protein, they also aren’t fried, bringing down the fat content considerably (it has about 1/3 the fat of regular chips).

Cherkees currently has two flavors available, Cracked Pepper and Hot Pepper, with two more flavors slated to come soon (Teriyaki and Smokehouse).  We have no idea how it tastes, but if you enjoy salty junk chips, we doubt it could be any worse.  You can get them in two bag sizes: 2.8 oz ($4.99) and 5.8 oz ($9.99).