Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley Is The Pickup-Based Surfmobile You Wanted Last Summer


Jeep-style wagons and camper-style vans have long been the rides we associate with the surfing crowd. We don’t actually know if that’s just a stereotype or if it’s really how surfers roll, but the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley definitely offers an uncommon alternative.

A modified version of Chevy’s 2017 model truck, it’s been adapted for use as a veritable surfmobile. You know, the kind you’ll be driving down to the beach when you want to spend the day riding the waves with your crew of fellow surfer friends. We know, it’s far from ideal surf weather this time of the year, but the fact that this is an off-road-capable truck means it should safely and comfortably take you down to the beach even in the coldest day of the year.


The Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley starts off the modifications with a canvas bed cover and a surfboard rack. The latter is designed to hold up to two boards, although you can also fit your boards conveniently in the bed, with the cover keeping your gear protected from the elements and giving you a shaded base camp to chill while you’re in the beach. Other additions include Thule cargo rack in the bed for storage, water-resistant seat covers made from ventiprene, a lifted suspension, sport-assist steps, 17-inch wheels, and off-road tires.


It retains much of the original elements of the original truck, including the 3.6-liter V6 engine, the eight-speed automatic transmission, and the automatic locking differential. The exterior, by the way, is clad in a custom Seafoam Green finish, with subtle tone-on-tone Hurley graphics.

Learn more about the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley directly from Chevy’s website.

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