Someone Turned Star Wars’ “Walking Carpet” Into An Actual Carpet With The Chewbacca Rug

Sure, a bear skin rug looks great and all, but if you’re an absolute Star Wars fanboy, we have a feeling you’re doing your home a disservice.  Why?  Because there’s no point in decking your floors with a bear skin carpet when one that’s made from Wookie fur, like this Chewbacca Rug, is available.

That’s right, somebody kidnapped the “walking carpets” from the jungle planet of Kashyyk (yes, it’s also the home of the Kardashians… I think) and turned their hides into carpets for adorning your floors.  We’re only kidding, of course, since this is just imitation Wookie hair, although they do feel every bit as soft and fluffy as the real thing, so you might as well be snuggling up to Chewbacca while laid out on it.

To make sure it’s not mistaken for any other Wookie, the Chewbacca Rug comes adorned with a replica of the bandolier worn by Han Solo’s trusted co-pilot, with his fur in the exact same shade of brown as the hairy Star Wars humanoid.  That way, even visitors to your home who are only moderately acquainted with the saga can easily identify the character the rug is referencing, ensuring all your geeky friends will break out into a smile and all the girls you bring over will suddenly remember having a previous appointment, then promptly excuse themselves from the premises.  Yeah, just like pimping, being a Star Wars fanboy ain’t easy.  It comes in two sizes: 6 x 3 feet and 8 x 4 feet.

Available now, the Chewbacca Rug is priced at $99.99 and $149.99 for the smaller and the larger versions, respectively.

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