Chill Bit Promises to Turn Beer Ice Cold In One Minute

Looking for a quick way to chill warm beer?  While fridges with the built-in “blast chiller” can do that while you’re at home, you’re all out of options when you’re drinking at a tailgate, camp or some other place without the creature comforts of your abode.   That is, until the Chill Bit came along.

Based upon the principles of heat transfer that I didn’t know existed, the solution lets you turn warm beer into ice cold beer in as little as 60 seconds.  Basically, it will chill an 80-degree can of Budweiser into a 30-degree one in that time, allowing you to drink ice cold suds just one minute into your party.

The Chill Bit is a rubber and plastic accessory that attaches to the chuck of your Worx Semi-Auto Cordless Drill.  It’s available in two types — one for cans and another for bottles.  To use either,  simply snap the round end onto the top of your beer container, then press the button to get the drill spinning.  While it spins, dunk the bottle or can into a bucket of ice or ice water, letting it go round and round while drowning in the icy pool.

And do note fear, the beer won’t explode nor foam over even after this treatment (they have a scientific explanation of this on the product page), so you can enjoy it like regularly-chilled beverages.

While you can, of course, let the can or bottle spin on the ice water for as long as you want, they recommend going 90 seconds or less.  Two minutes and the contents of are expected to go below freezing temperature, so you’ll have to let it melt to be able to chug your booze, essentially defeating the whole convenience part of the contraption.

You can get the Chill Bit from Tailgating Ideas, priced at $20.

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