Chillspot Pet Bed Recreates Cold Tiles For Your Dog To Lie Down On

Dogs love cold tiles.  Put them inside the house and they’ll almost always gravitate towards them for resting their tired bodies.   What about when your dog stays in the backyard, though?  Or when you’ve got nothing but hardwood floors and don’t want your mutt hanging out in the bathroom?  The Chillspot Pet Bed should solve that dilemma.

Unlike conventional dog beds, this doesn’t have cushy mattresses that give your dog a soft fluffy surface to sleep in.  Instead, it recreates the feel of cool tiles, giving your warm-blooded pet a place to chill in even without any tiles in sight.

The Chillspot Pet Bed is a rectangular platform that measures 24 x 36 x 4.125 inches.  Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the body is made from UV-protected hard plastic with the tile replicas clad in durable powder-coated aluminum.  Relatively portable at 45 pounds, you should be able to bring it anywhere you’re taking the dog.  That way, your tail-wagging best friend can have a cool place to rest in whether you’re at the beach, in the park or grilling up a pizza in the backyard.

The two aluminum “tiles” won’t chill your favorite ankle-biter with the lower temperature on their own; instead, pockets under the tiles allow you to insert freezer packs (two bricks under each tile).  The entire frame is insulated to ensure the chilled temperatures last as long as possible.  They also offer extra freezer packs if you want to keep backup bricks (for nonstop cooling) and tile slipcovers (if you live in a particularly humid place).

You can get the Chillspot Pet Bed now, priced at $170.

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