Chip Shotz Golfer Puts A Golf Game In Your Office Cubicle


If this were the 80s, the Chip Shotz Golfer is how we’d play golf indoors, not with Tiger Woods on the Xbox 360.  Since it’s 2010, this is how we’d play golf inside the office, where video games aren’t allowed.

Yes, it’s a tabletop golf course that looks stupid enough to be entertaining.  A perfect fare for cubicle-dwellers who want to kill some time while the supervisor isn’t looking, you can play one hole or 100 holes – just rearrange the course to your liking.


The Chip Shotz Golfer is a complete miniature desktop golf set, complete with a player holding a club, three balls and various course elements (one green, two trees, one pin, one sand trap, one water hazard).  You arrange the pieces to roll out your own dream hole, even adding your own obstacles as you see fit.  Then, you pull the lever mechanism on your mini-golfer to unleash his swing (you can pull it hard or soft, depending on how much power you want to hit the ball with).


All parts of the set, except the golfer and the flag, are magnetic.  That way, the ball will actually stick to any course element it hits, making it possible to hit a hole-in-one.  Don’t arrange too big a course, though, because the ball can only fly a maximum of four feet.

Isn’t it time you did something else in the office other than take stealthy naps and gossip all day?  Like, you know, play a round of golf or something?   The Chip Shotz Golfer makes it easy.  It’s available for only $13.

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