CHiP Simplifies Baking Cookies Into A Quick And Dead-Simple Affair


Does an Easy-Bake Oven for adults make any sense? We don’t know. If you want to bake cookies without having an actual oven in the kitchen, however, the CHiP Smart Cookie Oven should help in that regard.

A countertop appliance, it’s designed to bake small batches of cookies at a time, making it perfect for folks who just want to make a few cookies for a late night snack instead of cranking out a big batch. Don’t enjoy all the preparation and cleanup that comes with baking? Not a problem, as it’s designed for Keurig-like function, with pre-packaged cookie doughs readily available that you can simply drop in the heated plate for baking.


CHiP measures just 12 x 6 inches (diameter x height), making it dead simple to find space for in any countertop. It comes with a round oven area that combines a 1300W heating element and a patent-pending airflow system to quickly raise the temperature, allowing it to preheat much faster than traditional ovens. The 10-inch diameter baking tray is both non-stick and removable, allowing you to easily throw it in the dishwasher for cleaning, with a delay mode that lets you set the actual baking within the next four hours.


As for its smart capabilities, the oven is designed to work with an accompanying app, which will automatically set oven temperature and cooking time depending on what cookie you’re baking. It can also provide notifications when a batch is done, as well as order pre-packaged doughs from the interface. And just in case you want to make recipes that aren’t predefined (like a special family recipe), it allows manual settings for both time and temperature levels.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the CHiP. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $99.

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