If You Do Laundry Outside The House, You Need This Chipmunk Bag In Your Life


Depending on your living arrangements, carrying a big batch of laundry to the nearest laundromat may or may not be part of your regular chores. If it is, then you’ve probably experienced the hassle of bringing it in an awkward laundry basket or one of those unwieldy laundry bags. The Chipmunk Bag offers a highly-improved alternative.

A large cylindrical-shaped bag, it’s wide enough to accommodate a big load of dirty clothes, all while being short enough to comfortably bring anywhere. Whether you’re doing laundry at the building basement, the corner laundromat, or a whole train ride away at your mom’s place (dorm washing machines suck), this thing should let you carry a large pile of gunky clothes without the accompanying hassle of other options.


Billed as a “durable, practical and stylish” laundry bag, the Chipmunk comes with a 95-liter capacity, ensuring it can hold well more than a week’s worth of your dirty laundry (that you may or may not have shot like a basketball into a Wham-O-Hamper). It comes with dual adjustable and padded shoulder straps for hoisting on your back like a proper rucksack, ensuring you can carry that heavy load in the most efficient way. Construction is 1000-denier nylon, so this is as tough as bags get, with seatbelt webbing and spacer mesh strap padding for even better durability.


When it isn’t laundry day, the Chipmunk should make a great bag for those times you need to haul plenty of gear, whether you’re spending a weekend camping or hauling a bunch of supplies for a party. It comes in six different colors.

Available now, the Chipmunk Bags are priced starting at $49.50.

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