Cho Woong’s Star Wars Home Puts Other Collectors To Shame


Aaah…collectors.  Some of them are fun, a few are annoying, others are simply amazing.  Korean Star Wars fan Cho Woong belongs in that last category, using his massive collection to outfit what can only be  described as the Ultimate Star Wars home.

One look and you know that the force is with this guy.  His entertainment center is downright chic, with various memorabilia housed in beautifully picked-out display cases.  From the R2D2 workstation to the Millennium Falcon coffee table to a Darth Vader bathroom, the array of artifacts are showcased gloriously – a far cry from the unsightly mess most collectors usually end up decking their cribs with.


Seriously, the depth and breadth of this collection is astounding.  How well it’s been arranged (for the most part, at least) is just downright impressive.  A Star Wars geek with actual taste – who would have thought?  I doubt even George Lucas has a private museum this refined.


I’ve been around enough toy collectors to know that the last thing they’d want is for that precious memorabilia to be played around with by actual kids (you know, ones who will likely break them).  Can you imagine how much a torture such a collection will be to children if they can’t play with that?  I pity the kids who live in that house – I really do.

[Cho Woong via Unpluggd]